Possible Career Paths With a Doctorate in Psychology

Earning a doctorate in psychology enables you to take on some of the top positions in this field. If you’re interested in a psychology job and are considering going back to school for you doctorate in psychology, here’s what you need to know about you career options when you graduate.

PsyD Specializations

The professional degree option for psychology students is the PsyD. You can earn this degree in either clinical psychology or counseling, and after completion, you’ll be prepared to diagnose and treat patients. Clinical psychology focuses more on treating mental disorders through a variety of methods, while counselors work with a variety of patients to talk through problems in areas like career, relationships, and addiction. There’s a lot of overlap in these two areas, though, so both might be right for you as long as you want to work in a practitioner role.

Specializations in the Psychology Field

Within the worlds of clinical psychology and counseling, there are a number of other specializations. Your education (including the dissertation that most doctorate degree programs require you to complete) will focus on this interest, better preparing you to work with a specific type of patient. Some of the specializations available include family/marriage, career, education, addiction, mental health, grief, and religious.

Research and Education Careers

In the psychology field, you can also go into research or education, though in both of these cases, a PhD might make more sense if you want to pursue one of these careers. In a research position, you’ll work to learn more about human psychology, develop new treatments, and more, while in the education field, you’ll work to teach college students seeking to get psychology degrees of their own.

Best Accredited Psy.D. Degrees

Northcentral University The PhD in General Psychology from Northcentral University explores principles of psychology in the conducting of research experiments to expand the knowledge of the field. The Phd in I/O Psychology is designed to train industrial psychologists, while the Health Psychology specialty examines the role of the psychologist in the allied health care setting.
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Grand Canyon University The PhD in Cognitive Psychology from Grand Canyon University is designed for individuals who work in industry, government positions, and school systems. Courses train students to understand how the human mind works and retains information. The PhD in I/O Psychology program is built for individuals that want to become behavioral specialists in the work place.
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Chicago School of Professional Psychology The Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology degree from the Chicago School of Professional Psychology focuses on improving industrial/organizational settings through theory, research, assessment, evaluation, and intervention. This 98-credit program prepares graduates for careers in industrial/organizational psychological research, consulting, employee relation issues, organizational development, human resource management, and research.
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Walden University Walden University offers several specializations in Psychology, including Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychology Education, and Psychology Research. The curriculums follow a scholar/practitioner approach that integrates scholarly research with practical experience. The programs include fieldwork and faculty mentoring, along with a dynamic learning environment.
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