Top 25 Psychology Journals and Publications

The world of psychology is a very interesting one. New breakthroughs are being made every day in this world. We are learning more and more about human development, and why we are who we are. If you want to be at the forefront of these exciting discoveries, you can read different psychology journals and publications.

However, it is important to realize that some psychology publications are rated better than others. If you are interested in reading the best journals and publications, you can choose your source material with the help of the Journal Impact Factor. Thomson Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) uses the Journal Citation Report (JCR) as one measure of the impact a journal has. This is true of psychology journals and publications.

How is the JCR Impact Factor Determined?

Thomson ISI uses a fairly simple formula to determine the JCR Impact Factor. This particular factor is based on the average number of times items published in a particular journal are cited by others. The calculation is based on a three-year period. This means, that it looks at the number of times papers in a journal are cited in the two years following publication. So, an impact factor for 2011 would be figured as follows:

  • A = Citations in indexed journals during 2011 for articles published in 2009-2010.
  • B = The total number of articles, notes, papers, reviews and proceedings published in 2009 through 2010.
  • The 2011 impact factor is figured by dividing A by B. Note that the 2011 impact factor will actually be published in 2012, and the current factor is actually for 2010.

Top 25 Psychology Journals and Publications, by Impact Factor

If you are interested in reading the most authoritative information, you can read one of these journals, with a high impact factor. Here are the top 25 psychology journals and publications according to JCR Impact Factor:
  1. Annual Review of Psychology: This journal has been in publication since 1950, and is considered the premier psychology journal. It includes a variety of psychology fields, and offers the latest breakthroughs and techniques.
  2. Archives of General Psychiatry: Learn more about the latest developments in psychiatry. Papers published in this journal are rigorously reviewed, and you know you are getting solid psychology information and science when you read this journal.
  3. Behavioral and Brain Sciences: This scientific, peer-reviewed journal offers insight into brain development. It’s a great journal and a resource for learning more about what goes on inside the brain. Plenty of interesting information, and it’s edited by professors at Yale and Cornell.
  4. Psychological Bulletin: Published by the American Psychological Association (APA), this peer-reviewed publication can help you see the latest in psychology and in development. A great resource for any psychologist.
  5. Psychological Review: Another APA publication, this journal is peer reviewed, and offers insights into psychological theory. It is a multidisciplinary publication that offers a number of interesting insights and advancements in psychology — including alternative theories.
  6. Trends in Cognitive Science: Cognition is becoming huge in psychology. This journal takes a look at what is happening in the world of cognition, and what is likely to come next.
  7. American Journal of Psychiatry: Find out about the latest news and advancements in psychiatry. Includes plenty of information on pharmacology as it relates to psychiatry, and offers breakthroughs and discoveries.
  8. Personality and Social Psychology Review: The understanding of the way we develop our personalities, and the way we interact with others, is always evolving. Get the latest theories and more from this peer reviewed, and respected, journal.
  9. Advances in Experimental Social Psychology: Learn about the latest theories surrounding social psychology, and the experiments performed to learn more about what’s next for the field. A highly respected journal with a more than respectable impact factor.
  10. American Psychologist: Yet again, the APA comes through with a publication with a high impact factor. This journal is published nine times a year and offers a look at different issues in psychology, as well as contains the annual APA report.
  11. Clinical Psychology Review: Find out more about what’s happening in the world of clinical psychology. A great resource for those who are interested in the latest treatments and techniques.
  12. Schizophrenia Bulletin: This mental condition still offers a number of mysteries. Solving them could be helpful in other areas of psychology as well. Read this publication for the latest developments.
  13. Development and Psychopathology: A great resource for those interested in developmental psychopathology. Learn more about how the psyche develops.
  14. Psychological Methods: The latest in techniques, methods and more related to psychology. A great multidisciplinary resource.
  15. British Journal of Psychology: Featuring a high impact factor, this journal offers the latest advancements in psychology and psychology research. Interesting articles and experimental results.
  16. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry: Keep up with the latest treatments, breakthroughs, and techniques from the world of psychiatry. Helpful for the professional who wants to be up to date.
  17. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: Another publication that provides a look at theories behind who we become as individuals and as a society. Plenty of interesting theoretical papers and articles, as well as experimental results.
  18. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology: Publication perfect for professionals. Learn more techniques, and read results of best practices in diagnosing and treating psychological conditions.
  19. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience: MIT publishes this prestigious journal related to neuroscience. A great resource for those interested in the brain science of cognitive development.
  20. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry: Find out more about the latest news and breakthroughs in child psychology. A helpful resource for those who want to help children.
  21. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry: Learn the latest diagnosis and treatment techniques associated with helping youngsters with psychological issues.
  22. Psychological Science: Read more about the science behind psychology, and efforts to make it more scientific. A variety of journals from the Association for Psychological Science.
  23. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General: An interesting journal with a respectable impact factor, and plenty of information on experimental psychology.
  24. Psychological Medicine: Peer-reviewed journal about the medical aspect of psychology. An interesting read for professionals and students alike.
  25. Journal of Psychiatric Research: Get the results of the latest research into the world of psychiatry. A great resource, and an interesting read.

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